Body of flowers

November 28th, 2008

A friend once described his cancer experience
as taking a dump in public,
I’m at the sauna watching a little kid skip off
just having flushed a semi private toilet
I wonder if this is a Western description, or
an age marker of how we see our body

There’s a woman in front of me
belly dancing with the water,
an old gal not afraid to show
a baseball size lump above her kidney
and another whose facial wrinkles juxtapose
the taut lean muscle of her torso

watching a medical procedure on tv,
much like my own, holds everyone in fascination,
Each culture has a unique relationship to their body
from what they choose to put on to what they choose to take off
how that skin, an organ that’s both dead and alive,
is worshiped is then unique to the individual

I look at my abdomen often,
like I look at my grandmother’s house in pictures of my childhood,
like I look at every apartment I lived in, before I turn in the key,
like I look at the gardenias in my mother’s garden,
Temporary and beautiful simplicity to cherish,
Everything will be okay.

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2 Responses to “Body of flowers”

  1. bluepanjeet Says:

    how is my dear claudia pena doing? still poetic as usual.

    Just dropping by to say hi my dearest friend. Im just busy but i am always here.

    Pax et Bonum

  2. ross Says:

    Happy 2009 Clau!

    Just wishing you peace of mind, courage, love and faith in spite of “whatever”…

    You will be okay. Flowers for you.

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