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October 25th, 2008

Whatever it takes to make a girl fall in love
Adding music in this context may cross the thin line between a killing machine and a dancing machine.” This is what an experts had to say on music and movement at two of my favorite websites Ask the Expert and Scientific American.

On the Net:
Confess your sins on line brought by Canon Dr. Graham Kings, the vicar of Islington in jolly London. While the trend to confess our sins to everybody but a priest has been around since the dawn of time and the internet, especially in the internet, I wonder how effective this method will be. His website by the name of his book, Signs and Seasons, features a chat session but I have not been able to tap into the live chat.

Top 10 extremely cool psych experiments by Mission to Learn via long time edublogger TonNet, Milton Ramirez, at Education and Technology. You just get me is one of my favorite looking at the discrepancies between how people view themselves and the way others view them.

Remember that human learning comes in spurts and by association: I am bewildered, discombobulated, addled and befuddled, profoundly confounded and perplexed! Repetition is the ugly jeans in the closet that you never throw away, like redundancy is a teacher’s rice and butter.

Quote of the week by the National Chauvinistic Husband Association, “Three principles for not arguing with your wife: won’t win, can’t win, don’t want to win.” Go Japanese! Lol!
Japanese Mountains Covered in Moss

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    Hi Claudia. Thanks for keep reading our blog and for such a great mention. I hope you had a wonderful week on the teaching experiences. Keep up with the art of teaching. God Bless You!

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